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A Home full of love

When I was asked to photograph a birth at home I could never have imagined what I was in for. As you know every birth experience is different and this miracle was something I'll never forget.


I got a text message from Emma at 9pm saying she was off to bed and had some mild pan that day but nothing much. She also said she might see me tomorrow sometime. I took that as a cue to get the camera ready at door and clothes out ready.

The phone rang right on midnight and Emma's husband Brendan said she had woken up 10 mins earlier with contractions. Knowing what I knew about the previous fast births I dressed and grabbed my bag and out the door I went real quick. I arrived around 10mins later to find Emma in full on contractions but very calm and working through it.

We moved into another room where there was a large blow up birthing bath setup and her parents were filling it with warm water. I sat my camera bag down said hello to everyone and heard Emma say "The baby is coming!". I grabbed my camera and looked around at the faces. Emma's Mum's eyes were like they were glued wide open in shock and she ran to help her.

Emma said to Brendan I need to move to the bath and as she stepped in she yelled "It's coming now!". Brendan was outside the bath and reached his hands out to help catch the baby coming out. I must say I was in absolute amazement as this true life wonder woman. I had only been there 15 mins and the baby was here already.

Emma laid there in the bath with Brendan cuddling in close and holding there new baby boy.

Shortly after we joined by Doula Kylie who has the most calming nature and care, followed by a midwife and then their 3 children.

I can't express how beautiful the loving community was I was witnessing. The new baby was certainly entering a tribe of love and will be well looked after.

Thankyou so much for letting me witness such a special moment in your family's life/

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