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Cake Smash

“Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness!

If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!”  - C. JoyBell C.



Firstly I recommend you watch my video about the process of a cakesmash

What is it and what's it for?

It is simply a documented way of celebrating bubs first birthday and trying their first birthday cake and it's a great age to get away with making a real mess of it! Turning one is a big deal you know. It is a great experience to watch for Mum and dad and I even suggest inviting nan and pop to onlook if it doesn't distract too much.

Every child approaches the cakesmash differently ~ there are foot squishers, face planters, cryers, banging fists, handfulls of icing and teeny tiny tastes for others.

How much are my cakesmash sessions and what's included, how does it go?
So this is how I run them
- I book you in and you pay a deposit to secure the date
- A couple weeks out I check in with you to see what colour outfit you have got for your bub (I don't supply outfits although I do have a small range of headbands and tutus). I ask you to send me a photo of the outfit.
- I then start on my 'inspiration board' this is where I make a little collage of different inspirational bits to get ideas as to how I am going to setup a background to match with the outfit. eg. I was given a pic of chevron teal and red for a boy. I decided I would make a backdrop out of newspaper with a giant red chevron 1 and moustache.
- I then supply my inspiration board to my cakemaker who I either give creative range to or ask for a specific colour/accessories.
- I get your address from you and come to your home on the day of shoot (usually do these Saturdays at 11am so bub is not too tired - it can also be at a park if you don't want at home) and setup the styling of the shoot. If bub is asleep you can wake them a little bit before shoot so they are fresh.
- I take a few photos of bub in a special outfit (this is optional and sometimes it's just in cakesmash outfit without cake). These shots can look good with a birthday board prop (see down further for details).
- I then ask you to get bub ready to pop the cake between their legs so they can go for it! Then the show is on it's all up to bub as to how they react, sometimes needing assistance with Mum/dad giving them a taste and they usually have a face like OMG that is awesome!!!
- This can sometimes go for maybe 20mins depending on bub and if they are getting over it. I don't like to push it too much but want to make sure there's some good photos for you. It's something over time I have learnt through experience to assess.
- This part is optional and just a fun extra I offer (more for warm weather). I bring a metal tub and usually towards end Dad goes off and fills it with warm water and we do an outside bath where I take a few more shots.
- I then post a couple of pics as a preview on my Facebook page so you can share and tag. I am also happy to send the large file via email so you have a photo or 2 to use for invites, thankyous etc.
- 3 weeks later I have edited your photos (this can take many many hours) and pop them on a CD and post to you or you can pickup from Fadden.

See packages for pricing details

When should you book? I suggest a couple of months ahead to avoid missing out. Around 11 1/2 months of age is a good time to do it.



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