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Feelin' like a rockstar - the dream gown

I've got to be honest when I went to see Vicky at Rockstars and Royalty, I had no idea what I wanted. I described elements I liked from other dresses I've worn and the parts of her dresses I've seen on her website that I like. Vicky made notes and sketched as we chatted - she showed me samples and teamed up pieces of fabric to show what looks nice together. I loved the idea of the blush pink sequins with white lace over the top.

I must admit I felt slightly nervous not knowing what the end product would look like - you see I never went to a single bridal shop. Then I thought why had I never gone to a shop - because I didn't need to, I had the best designer in Canberra and Australia and everything Vicky touches with her antique Singer sewing machine looks amazing!

We started with a rough prototype Vicky had mocked up and after looking I decided I didn't like the idea of one full length dress so much (which was my original idea). Vicky must has sensed my stress of simply not knowing what could look good on me so she started pulling out bits from her rack of treasures and holding things up to give me visual ideas. She held up a corset around me and popped a skirt on top when the aha moment happened - that's it, 2 pieces!

Vicky built on from there and I visited more and more frequently till it became a weekly visit to make adjustments and add on. I love that the design was happening right in front of me and for me, my perfect fit. Vicky has this amazing eye for detail where she sees little alterations that I wouldn't even notice yet they matter because I can assure you I felt so comfy at our wedding.

Then just when I thought it couldn't get any better I turn up to our last fitting and OMG it looked and felt absolutely perfect. AND it had pockets, yes you heard me right!  AND I had a matching mini dress for my little girl. AND a matching tie for my husband!


Thankyou so much Vicky, you made me look so beautiful and feel like a total rockstar on my special day.

If you too want a Rockstars and Royalty fashion item/outfit/dress you can visit the website at or on Facebook.

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